Over the past five or 6 weeks we have brought you a special Thursday Night edition of David & Darryl Sports that featured the Logan Timberwolves against whatever unlucky team was playing them that week. I know we aren't supposed to show favorites here at David & Darryl Sports but in Logan's case they just played one team in our coverage area so we I made an exception. The first time I watched this team play was against an Oceana team that I didn't know much about but the Timberwolves took them outback the Ol' Woodshed and handed them an old fashioned beat down. In that game I knew this team was talented not by only the eye test but on the stat sheet as well. In every single possession that game it never took the Timberwolves more than two plays to reach the end zone. This team had talent at every position and I know it takes a team to win but I also knew this team had sever superstars well six at that point. Aiden Slack, Dawson Maynard, Cameron "Fluffy" Allred, A.J Hughes, Parker Davis and Caden Dotson was all stars in the making and the seventh was a kid named Garrett Williamson that showed out on the 2nd string, he had so much talent I left the field scratching my head at why he wasn't in the starting rotation.

I talked to the man that orchestrates this talented team during the following week and Head Coach Scott Grimmett told me that Garrett Williamson was a late edition to the squad and that was the reason he was playing with the 2nd string. The following game the Timberwolves faced Sherman it went much like the first game and the Timberwolves handed out another spanking, On the offensive side of the ball Slack and Maynard was invincible, teams had no answer for either one. Dawson Maynard was a man playing with boys, he and his lead blocker Caden Dotson both attack the game the same way, they are extremely physical and just love to go out there and bust heads. Aiden Slack is QB1 and can hurt you just as much with his feet as he can his arm.

Then the Chapmanville game come, the weather was nasty, the Timberwolves had a lot of turnover problems that game but still left Chapmanville with a dominating performance over our good friend Coach Lee Jones team. The thing that stood out that game was A.J Hughes and "Fluffy" Allred was serving up pancakes all game long and Garrett Williamson really had a coming out party. Now the next game was highly anticipated game against Man, a team that many folks thought would give them problems because the talented Moody duo.

The game against Man was for the Logan County Championship, many thought this was going to be a close game but I seen a look in the Timberwolves eyes before the game that I hadn't seen yet. I walked back up to the press box thinking, if what I had seen thus far was the Timberwolves just going through the motions I would hate to see what a fired up Timberwolves team was capable of. Well the game started out with the Timberwolves a handling Man pretty easy, Man mounted a late comeback to make it close but the game was never in any doubt. Logan left that game adding another Logan County Championship to Coach Scott Grimmett's resume and a big reason for the win was that A.J Hughes was unblockable, the kid was eating out of the backfield every play.

The next game was against Pt. Pleasant, the team was just as fired up for it as they was the game against Man. It was this game I realized how tight knit this team was, this was quarterback Aiden Slack's former team and his teammates wasn't letting Aiden leave the field this day without the joy of beating his former team. The Timberwolves delivered another convincing victory over Pt. Pleasant and it was on to Hurricane. The Hurricane game was a little tight for a bit but the end result was the same, Timberwolves delivered another spanking.

Fast forward to tonight's championship game, a chance to cap off the first undefeated season in Logan Middle School history. Over the last six weeks I had grew a fairly close relationship with Coach Scott Grimmett and I could tell he was more nervous about this game than the other one's. When I got to the field I realized why, this Winfield team was the last team to ever hand Coach Grimmett a loss and he wanted to make sure he got revenge and could hand his boys an undefeated season on their resume going forward. This Winfield wasn't any push over, they come out bringing pressure and they brought it all night long but this night belonged to WR Parker Davis. This game was far from a blow out but the Timberwolves controlled it throughout mostly by coming up with big plays on both sides of the football. Aiden Slack hit Parker Davis with some big strikes all night long on offense then Parker came up with two red zone interceptions that broke Winfield's back and really took the air out of them. Logan took the W.I.N out of Winfield tonight, they was just to fast and two physical for the Generals. Parker Davis ended the game the Response Energy "Player of the Game", he had 186 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 very timely interceptions in the red zone.

I came away very thankful that Jennifer Codispoti, Doug Williamson and Amanda Vyears had brought us to cover these games all season long. I got to see one of the best linebackers in the Mountains Caden Dotson, the kid is going to go down a Logan legend, I got very high praise for Caden, for the way he carries himself on and off the gridiron. Got to see RB Dawson Maynard a player that has bad intentions, he comes to lay big hits, whether it's on defense or it's rushing the ball, John Madden invented the truck stick after watching Dawson Maynard play football. Garrett Williamson and Parker Davis are two super athletes, they was two very dangerous weapons for Aiden Slack to throw too. Parker Davis is a Randy Moss type, he is super athletic, he will go up and get the ball at it's highest point but has the speed to reach the end zone every time he touches it. Garret is more like Terrell Owens, he runs great routes, very fundamentally sound but if you let him catch it he is going to score, he has a set of burners on him. "Fluffy Allred and A.J Hughes controlled the line of scrimmage no matte who the Timberwolves played. "Fluffy" Allred is a future offensive lineman on the next level, he takes his quarterbacks health personal and isn't going to let him take big hit's on his watch. Now A.J Hughes is a great O-Lineman but will make his money on defense, the kid cut's through double teams just about every play and still makes the big play.

Now the David & Darryl Season "MVP" goes to Aiden Slack. he is going to be a mega star. Aiden Slack is a young man that brings a ton of intensity on both sides of the ball and is always looking for physicality. I know at tomes he would make Coach Grimmett pull his hair out if he had any because he isn't the type of quarterback that will shy away from a contact, he isn't going to slide, it just isn't in his DNA. Slack brought the quarterback mindset to the defensive side of the football, he reads an opposing offense just as good as he reads a defense. Aiden Slack will be a household name before it's over, he is a special talent on and off the field.

We want to congratulate Coach Grimmett and his Timberwolves on this magical season, it takes a lot of blood, sweat  and tears put in to pull off a season like this.

Friday, October 26, 2018 By darrell