Johnson Central has two of the most prolific pass rushers in the state this year and they come from the same household, well shoot, they come from the same delivery room. The Dynamic Duo known as the "Terrifying Twins" consist of two identical twins named Alex & Matt Horn. The Horn twins has been hunting quarterbacks all season long, like a pack of ravage dogs and no team has found an answer for their dominating pass rush yet. The "Terrifying Twins" picked up their first collegiate offer three weeks ago from the Alderson Broadus Battlers but have many more programs looking at acquiring their services.

The twins have a wide array of options because they are great at multiple sports and outstanding in the classroom. Yesterday the twins received their second scholarship offer from Lindsey Wilson College but it wasn't for the destruction the twins cause on the gridiron it was for their dominance on the wrestling mat. The twins are both highly ranked in their respective weight classes and colleges all throughout the Midwest is starting to take notice.

We have preached for years here at David & Darryl Sports about the impact wrestling can have on a lineman's game, it teaches you footwork, hand placement, weight distribution and also teaches extreme discipline. If you ever question our judgment about the sport, take a look at the "Terrifying Twins" they are walking examples of how wrestling can make you an unstoppable lineman, no matter what side of the ball you play. This is just the beginning of the recruiting process for Alex & Matt, when they get back in a few weeks from what hopefully will be their 4th consecutive trip tp the 4A State Championship game, I am sure they will have a load of letters to go through.

Thursday, November 8, 2018 By darrell