When it comes to the game of football you have talented players all over the football field, the quarterback, running back and wide receivers gets all the praise when things go right and a team wins. The offensive line isn't a glamourous position, it is a position that rarely gets any credit in a victory, they are giving all the blame when teams lose and things go wrong. The thing that I always respected about the offensive line is they are the ones that are usually the most caring as their job is to protect, their usually the smartest players on the team and more times then not, they will grow up to be great men throughout life. All them attributes I just mentioned describe Tug Valley center perfectly, Nick is a tank and can be as viscous as a defensive end but at the same time he is a teddy bear at heart. Nick is an outstanding young man, he is one of the smartest players you will come across in all aspects of life and most of all he is the guy you want as a friend, Nick will always be in your corner, he is the ultimate protector.

Now that I have told you the kind of kid Nick Sartin is, let me tell you the kind of athlete he is. Nick is a three sport star athlete at Tug Valley High School, he performs just as good in the classroom as he does the gridiron and gets involved in as many school clubs as he has time for. Nick is an exceptional baseball and basketball player but he has the potential to earn himself a Division-1 scholarship in football. "Big" Nick Sartin was one of the most sought after O-Lineman/D-Lineman coming out of middle school, all the area schools was hoping Nick would move to their area and help solidify their football teams line. Nick decided to stay home and play for one of the best coaches in the Mountains, Coach Tony Clusky got extremely lucky when Nick decided to wear the Silver & Black because it gave him one of the top freshman lineman in the coalfields.

"Big" Nick is in his first year playing center and he has done a very good job so far, even though he plays center for the Panthers he could play any position on the offensive or defensive lines, he is that talented. His skill set is very rare for a kid his size, the kid has some of the quickest feet you will ever see, after seeing how limber and quick he is, I definitely understand why the Tug Valley staff has him playing center. Then you combine his quickness and strength with his smarts, it seems like he was made to play the center position. The center is known as the quarterback of the offensive line, Nick's quick learning ability and knowledge for the game gives Tug Valley a big advantage over most teams at that position. Nick has only played football for a little over three years but the caliber of raw athlete he is, has made him a unreplaceable asset to the Panthers.

At the beginning of the season Nick missed some games due to an allergic reaction to a shot but you can look at the production of the position during them games, compare it to the production Nick has given the Panthers since and understand the value he gives a team. Nick has extremely quick hands to go along with his deceptive athleticism all that combined with his heart, knowledge and attitude he attacks the game with, you can see the reason we call him one of the top 2022 prospects in the Mountains. The impressive thing about Nick's game is the fact the he can run block and pass block at a very high level, he isn't a one trick pony. Nick Sartin has a very bright future, if he continues grinding and gets an off-season in where he is completely healthy under his belt, he will be on every recruiters radar at the end of his sophomore season. We have already talked to one college recruiter that said he will be following Nick closely and is excited to see how Nick progresses over the next year, not many players has a ceiling as high as "Big" Nick Sartin's. Oh yea, just wait until you see this kid stroke it from beyond the arc and the work he does on the baseball diamond, I guarantee "Big Nick" will become a fan favorite in the Mountains.

Monday, October 15, 2018 By darrell