The Pikeville Panthers had an unforgettable season this year, but fell short of their ultimate goal losing a 21-20 heartbreaker in the State Championship to Beechwood. This Pikeville team will go down as one of the most exciting teams I have watched play and a huge reason why is QB1 Connor Roberts. During halftime of the State Championship game Roberts was named the 1A "Player of the Year" making him one of the six finalist for the Mr. Football award. Roberts was one of the most dangerous duel-threat quarterbacks I have ever seen play here in the Mountains, he made it nearly impossible to gameplan for this Panther offense, he could kill you with his arm or legs.

The thing I admired most about Connor Roberts was his toughness and ability to lead the troops, his teammates would run through a brick wall for him. I watched this kid take beatings that most running backs couldn't take during a game and he would always seem to get up and dust himself off then comeback twice as hard the next play. This kid will be a very valuable piece to some college program next season, he holds a few offers right now but I fully expect a few more to come knocking by end of this year. Roberts is the type of kid that conducts his self on and off the field as the ultimate professional, he always puts the program first in all situations. The kid is a multi-sport letterman at Pikeville and he has an outstanding work ethic that rubs off on his teammates.

Roberts football I.Q ranks right up their with the best of them, he is the type of quarterback that can go though three or four reads in a matter of seconds. He shows great awareness inside the pocket and Roberts is one of the most accurate quarterbacks I have seen throwing on the run. Roberts athletic ability makes everyone's life a lot easier, his mobility helps buy time for his receivers to get open and if they don't he will just turn on the burners and torch the defense for a big gain. Roberts led 1A with a 62.9 completion percentage and only threw 6 interceptions the entire season. Connor Roberts ended the year with 45 offensive touchdowns, finishing Top 5 in passing and Top 15 rushing, he will go down as one of Panther greats. Any college coach that offers this kid will instantly make your life easier, he infects your locker room  with a great work ethic and will ensure your team has great chemistry, Connor Roberts is a leader of men.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 By darrell