"To underestimate the extent, value or importance of someone", is the definition of "Underated", when it comes to football in the Mountains, the definition of underated is Phelps FB/LB Zack Ramey. Ramey stepped on to a Phelps team this year that had a load of talent and quickly became the piece the Hornets could not afford to lose. Ramey attacks both sides of the football with the same intensity and toughness, he will hit you just as hard while he's running the ball as he will from the linebacker position. Ramey is an unselfish kid that will do anything it takes to win a ball game, he don't care to put his body on the line and take a banging as long as it means his team gets the "W". Ramey was a transfer from East Ridge High School that came to Phelps at the beginning of his senior season and became so much more than just another player.

Ramey left East Ridge after racking up 128 tackles his junior year and I think he had a lot of high expectations but not in anyone's wildest dreams did they think Ramey would have another 100 tackle season. Ramey didn't only have 110 tackles, he had an interception, a forced fumble and three fumble recoveries. Ramey was the most important part on Phelps Top 10 ranked defense, he is athletic enough to cover any receiver in the passing game and tough enough to come up and drop the hammer against the rush. Ramey is a leader and knows the game, he is the quarterback on the defense, he makes his teammates jobs a lot easier.
Even know defense is Ramey's forte, he made his impact felt on the offensive side of the ball. Offense is where the Hornets really needed him most, he wasn't only a guaranteed five yards a carry, he may of been the best blocker on the team. Coach Jones team started with the rushing attack and his star back Dominick Francis couldn't of ask for a better lead blocker than Zack Ramey. With questions surrounding the offensive line at Phelps, I'm sure he was a welcomed asset to the blocking game from the lineman's point of view. Ramey ended the season with 529 rushing yards 13 TD's as a fullback, he was the cog that made this Phelps machine turn in my opinion. Ramey is everything Phelps needed all wrapped up in one player, he was one of the unsung hero's of this Hornet squad. When it comes to linebackers in the Mountains, I would match Ramey up against any of them, his numbers speak for their self.
This kid will be a huge asset to any college football program, he will be a huge upgrade on and off the field. Zack Ramey is one of them players that his teammates will run through a brick wall for, he draws the best out of the players on his team. I know if I was building a college program, Zack Ramey would be one of the pieces I would start with, he can have a huge effect on all three facets of the game.
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 By darrell