The David & Darryl "NEXT UP" award this week goes to Pikeville's Carson Wright, after he led his team to a 38-16 victory over Letcher Central in the 2nd round of the Middle School Playoffs. Carson was a one man wrecking crew out there against Letcher Central, a bunch of Panthers had good games including quarterback Blake Birchfield but Letcher Central had no answer for Carson Wright. The Pikeville LB/RB had 188 yards, 2 touchdowns on the ground and also has 360 All-Purpose yards, Carson could not be stopped on this day. He gave the Letcher Central offense fits all day long, they could not move the ball anywhere without Carson Wright being there, Carson ended the game with solo 18 tackles and he also had a "Pick 6" with a 60 yard touchdown return that was called back.

Carson Wright is a player that is the true definition of our "NEXT UP" award, it goes to our 10th grade and under athletes that are about to be superstar athletes here in the Mountains. You have to put sun glasses on just to look into Carson Wright's future because it's so bright, he is an exceptional athlete on and off the field, he works just as hard in the classroom as he does the gridiron. I first laid eyes on the young man at the 1st Annual Mountain Combine and he blew my socks off with the numbers he was producing in all the drills. Carson finished Top-5 in every drill and he wasn't even competing against the middle school kids, he was doing the high school version of the combine. If you run up on Carson Wright in the street, you would never know he is just an 8th grader, the kid looks like he is a sophomore in high school, his body looks like it's chiseled out of stone.

Carson plays running back and linebacker for the Panthers, he is one of them backs that you can ride to a victory, he has the body that will with stand a beating. Carson is as good as it gets at the halfback position, he can be your workhorse or he can get to the outside and torch your defense with his break away speed but I am most enamored with the work he does on the defensive side of the football. Carson is your picture perfect linebacker, he is mean, tough as nails and a intimidating presence on the football field. The kid has a head for the game of football, he can read an offense, he knows where the ball is going and has the speed to get there to stop the play before it has a chance to get started. Carson Wright has spent many hours in the weight room to make sure their isn't a lineman out there going to be able to get hands on him and drive him anywhere. Carson is strong enough to get off any block and make the play but also fast enough to cover a teams best receiver.

You don't have to write the name Carson Wright down, you are going to hear it a lot over the next 4-5 years here in the Mountains. Carson is a sure fire lock to play at the next level, he will make some defensive coordinator very happy. When his high school career is all said and done, Carson Wright has the potential to go down as one of the Top 5 players to ever wear the Maroon & White, he will definitely go down in the Panther Hall of Fame as an All-Time great at Pikeville High School.

Sunday, October 14, 2018 By darrell