The David & Darryl "Mountain Elite" Player of the Week is Shelby Valley RB Seth "Flash" Johnson, this kid consistently puts up outlandish numbers. If this award was based solely on stats, Seth would win it every single week, no player puts up the numbers he does on a weekly basis. Friday night Shelby Valley defeated Leslie Co. in a hard fought game by a score of 49-38 and the Wildcats fed "Flash" all night long. Seth ended the game with 28 carries, 258 yards and 3 touchdown, even though Seth is a smaller back, this performance should show people that he can also be used as a work horse if needed.

"Flash" Johnson is the undisputed fastest player in the Mountains, he has legit 4.4 speed. Seth visited multiple football camps this summer (local/college) and at every single camp he received the "Fastest Man" award. Seth reminds you of a Darren Sproles type back, you can hand it to him 25-30 times a game out of the backfield or he can be a very dangerous weapon in the passing game, he has great hands and catches the ball great out of the backfield. If this cat gets in the open field you might as well forget it, it's over, you will not catch him .

The crazy thing about Seth is at the start of the season Seth missed the first couple weeks due to injury but by Week 5 he had already blazed his way to the top of Kentucky's rushing and leading scorer's list. In just six games Seth already has 1,390 yards on 103 carries with 18 touchdowns, he is averaging 13.8 yards a carry which leads the state too. Seth had a 2,000 yard season his junior year and is on track to break the infamous 2,000 yard mark again this season in two less games. Seth already holds a D-1 scholarship to Morehead State but hopefully with performances like he had against Leslie Co. recruiters will see he is a very durable back despite his stature. "Flash is one of them talents that can take it to the house every time he touches the ball, he is an offensive coordinators dream, he allows you to do so many different thing within a offense. Another reason you want to sign Seth Johnson would be his ability to change your programs special teams unit, he could be an explosive return man and give your team a huge advantage in that aspect of the game.

Sunday, October 14, 2018 By darrell