Lawrence County Football is one of the most respectable football programs in the Mountains and the last name "West" is a huge part of the history of the Bulldog program. This year isn't any different, quarterback Noah West is our David & Darryl "Mounatain Elite" Player of the Week and he is quietly breaking records that most people never dream could be touched by a quarterback. What West has done rushing the ball this season is unheard of for a quarterback, especially a quarterback from the Mountains, his performances has been nothing short of spectacular. West is a Tim Tebow type QB, the kid is a guaranteed five yards a carry and no one has proven they can stop him yet.

In the first round of the 3A state playoffs Lawrence County was matched up against a Western Hills team that entered the playoffs with the most hype behind them of any team entering the post season. The reason for the hype is their extraordinary half back Wandale Robinson, the Western Hills back is the front runner to win Kentucky's Mr.Football award and he committed days before the game to the biggest University in the State, the Kentucky Wildcats. Robinson entered the game the premier player and had all the eyes on him but little did folks know they was a player across the field that has accomplished more then Robinson has this season, as far as individual stats go and was licking his chops to square off against the Mr.Football front runner. The game was the most explosive game the state of Kentucky has ever seen, Lawrence County defeated Western Hills 78-74, Robinson left high school breaking numerous records with this performance against Lawrence County. Robinson ended the game scoring 34 of Western Hills 74 points, he had 405 total yards, 4 touchdowns and five 2-point conversions but Noah West made sure that Robinson's performance got stuck on the back page. The Bulldogs came out with the mindset that they was going to run the ball down Western Hills throat and their quarterbacks name was going to finally be paid the respect it was deserved. West dropped 393 yards on the Western Hills defense, scoring 7 touchdowns, completed nine 2pt conversion attempts and had an interception. The Bulldogs put up 78 points without completing one single pass, Noah West is the best rushing quarterback the Mountains has ever seen and it isn't even close.

Right now Noah West leads the state in touchdowns with 31, leads the state in yards per game with 188 and will lead the state in rushing yards after this weekend. The fight West has shown his senior year is something college coaches will respect and make him a valuable commodity to some program running a run heavy offense. Noah West has been one of the most enjoyable players I have watched over my time watching Mountain football. This week West and the Bulldogs have an even bigger feat than Wandale Robinson to overcome in the 2nd round of the playoffs. If West can lead the Bulldogs into Boyle County and come away with the victory it will make waves all across the Bluegrass, it would n go down in history as one of the biggest upsets in the history of Kentucky High School Football.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 By darrell