Miner Mountain has become a breeding ground for top shelf quarterbacks, a lot of folks thought after the loss of Jeremy Dillon and Coach Joey Fields that Mingo Central was headed toward a couple very tough years. What people didn't realize was the Miners had another "Duo" just as dynamic as Fields & Dillon lying and waiting for their opportunity to shine. Yes I am talking about Coach Josh Sammons and Daylin "DaDa" Goad. Coach Josh Sammons has equipped Goad with two very explosive receivers (Drew & Devin Hatfield) and the results on the field has led the Miners to being one of the highest scoring offenses in West Virginia.

Daylin Goad is a product of Matewan WV, he has always been an elite talent but last season he had to sat behind the most decorated QB to ever play in Mingo County. Daylin isn't quit as athletic as Jeremy Dillon but he is your prototypical style quarterback, he is more of a pocket passer than a duel threat QB but don't let that fool you he can hurt you with his feet if you force him too. Daylin is just a sophomore and has already climbed the list into the David & Darryl Top 5 Quarterbacks in the Mountains. Daylin reminds you a lot of a little more athletic Tim Couch, he can just set pack there in the pocket and pick your defense apart by throwing the pigskin around. Daylin Goad has a rocket launcher for an arm and throws with great accuracy.

Two weeks ago versus Herbert Hoover, Daylin dropped 456 yards and 8 touchdowns against a solid Herbert Hoover defense. Then Daylin turned around with another dominating performance this week when he threw for 157 yards and 5 scores against Chapmanville. On the season Daylin has near 2,500 yards passing with 40 touchdowns through the air and used his feet to get 8 mores touchdowns. Before Daylin Goad's career is over you will be asking yourself, is it Dayin Goad or Daylin GOAT?

Sunday, October 28, 2018 By darrell