Sometimes in sports you run across them athletes that are bigger than sports, a athlete that you know the lord put on this Earth to lead and change lives. A good example is former Florida QB Tim Tebow or former Belfry QB Tyler Williams, well the kid I am about to tell you about is cut from the same kind of cloth. I am talking about Tug Valley QB Tyler Chaffin, he is one of them kids that is a born leader, he holds his teammates accountable for their mistakes and steps up to take the blame even if it isn't his fault, just to draw heat away from his friends. Tyler is just a sophomore and is one of the most responsible people you will ever meet, he makes sure he represents the team in the best possible way and will go to war for any of his teammates if he is called upon, Tyler Chaffin is everything you want in a quarterback.

This season has been a roller coaster ride for the Panthers, Tug Valley has lost games they should have won and won games they should have lost. It seems of late that the Panthers are starting to get back on track, on Friday night they beat a competitive Hurley team 30-6 and the Panther coaching staff hopes that this win propels them into a nice playoff run in a couple weeks. Even in the down times the Panther fans knew they would be alright at the end of the season because of the player they had calling plays. If any kid knows about perseverance it's Tyler, a little over a year ago he lost everything he owned in a house fire and the next night he had the poise to step to the line and hit the game winning free-throw for Kermit to give the Blue Devils a Mingo County Championship. That experience in that situation has taught Tyler that no matter how bad things may seem, if you work hard and got faith you can comeback from any predicament you may find your self in.

This young man has been molded since Kermit created a new team to be the quarterback of the Tug Valley Panthers, everyone in the Tug Valley community knew this was going to be Tyler Chaffin's job one day. Tyler works very hard on and off the football field, he maintains a 3.7GPA plus he lives in the weight room during his spare time. Tyler is a very intelligent player that despises losing, he understands the quarterback position and knows how to read a defense. What attribute Tyler has that a lot of quarterbacks don't have is toughness, Tyler will go to battle for his team and don't care one bit to put his body in harms way if it means getting a victory. What makes Tyler so valuable is the way his teammates respect his attitude and approach to the game, he causes all his teammates to raise their game, he can get them to run through a brick wall for him.

Tyler has nice speed and when he decides to tuck it and run, he is a very patient runner, he has the patients to wait for his blocks to form before he hits the hole. Tyler has near 1,000 passing yards already this season, with only 4 interceptions that wasn't in Hail Mary situations. The coming years will be very special years in Naugatuck, Tug Valley is returning a bunch of starters on both sides of the ball but one tandem to watch out for is the connection Tyler has with his center "Big" Nick Sartin, a kid with college aspirations if he continues to grind. In the meantime we will continue to bring you updates on Tyler's season and his push to the playoffs.

Sunday, October 21, 2018 By darrell