If you havn't been following high school basketball in the 10th Region then you have been missing out, good friend of the Mountains Coach Lamont Campbell has led the Colonels to a great season and should be the front runner for the 15th Region "Coach of the Year". In just two seasons at the helm Coach Campbell has turned the Generals around from an 8 win season under Coach Sosby to Bourbon County's  first 20 win season in nearly 20 years. The Colonels went 20-9 this season and has knocked off some very good teams along the way. Coach Campbell has doubled his teams wins in just one year, including the longest winning streak (11 games) the Generals has had since 2007. Coach Campbell is a coach that gets his players to buy in to what he is selling and draws the best out of each and every player on his roster. Campbell has changed the entire climate around Bourbon Co. Basketball and has created a winning atmosphere that not only his player but his community has embraced as well.

Coach Campbell has made the Colonels one of the hottest tickets to get in central Kentucky, he has Bourbon Co. playing an explosive brand of basketball while scoring the most points of any team in the 10 Region this season. We told you a couple years ago that we was predicting 1st time Head Coach Lamont Campbell to be a rising star in the coaches rankings here in the Bluegrass and our intuition has came true. Coach Campbell will be successful year in and year out at Bourbon Co. because he is a hybrid mix between a players coach and a dictator. Coach Campbell has found that happy medium that doesn't wear on his players and he is a young "Fresh" coach that has the respect of the people in his locker room, so moving forward I would place all bets on Bourbon Co. having great success. The conversation for the 10th Region "Coach of the Year" should start and stop with Coach Lamont Campbell.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 By darrell