We have a lot of great basketball talent here in the Mountains and 3-4 of the Top 10 prospects are in WV's Cardinal Conference. Heading into the season it looked like the Cardinal Conference was going to be a cake walk for the Chapmanville Tigers, after all they are the defending champs who's returning the Mountains top prospect Obinna Anochilli-Killen and the reigning WV "Coach of the Year" Brad Napier but the Logan Wildcats says not so fast!!!

Christmas came early for Top 5 prospect David Early yesterday in the form of "Point God" Drew Hatfield, the news broke yesterday that Drew and his family are moving to Logan, so him and his brothers would be transferring from Mingo Central to Logan. Early and Hatfield have played many times throughout the years together and the addition of Hatfield to the Wildcats won't only make Logan a viable threat to win the Cardinal Conference but they will be one of the favorites to win a state title if everything gels correctly. Logan don't only get Drew but also get his 3 younger siblings Devin, Dane and Dillion. Devin Hatfield was one of the top Middle School players in the Coalfields last season when him and younger brother Dane led Burch to the Mingo County Championship game. Now Devin will be playing with Drew on the High School team, Dane will join an already dominate Logan Middle School basketball team that will be nearly unbeatable and Dillion will be on the Elementary squad.

Hatfield is a "Point God", he has the quickest handles of any player in the Mountains, his quickness allowas him to get to the rim on anyone. Drew is the son of a coach so he knows the game extremely well and is one of the best floor generals you will find in the Mountains. What Drew does that sets him apart from a lot of players these days is compete just as hard on the defensive end as he does on offense. Drew quickness allows him to jump the passing lanes and get a fast break started before the other team even realizes they turned the ball over, and he has a strong base so no guard is going to bully him around on the perimeter. Drew can average a double-double with ease this season, he see's the floor extremely well and always puts players in the right position to score. Don't get it twisted though, Drew can drop 30 on a team anytime his team needs him too, he. can score from any spot on the floor and shoots the long ball with great consistency. This kid is one of the hardest matchups in the Mountains because of his shooting ability and the dynamic quickness he attacks the paint with, the combination of Early and Hatfield will be a duo that no team wants to face but that isn't the only players this team has, Logan will have some height and will be very deep including Drew's younger brother Devin. Without transferring to Logan it would have been nearly impossible for Early or Hatfield to get past the defending state champs the Chapmanville Tigers, for that reason alone I like this move.

Hatfield won't only impact the basketball scene at Logan, he will have a huge impact on the football team. Drew just had a record year breaking a ton of records as a wide receiver at Mingo Central, he is one of the states top receivers and in many folks mind he is the favorite to win the Randy Moss award, which goes to the WV's top wide receiver. Devin Hatfield also had a career year and if it wasn't for his brother Drew, he may be a candidate for the Randy Moss award himself. Logan will be one of the hottest teams in the Mountains, and the addition of the Hatfield's will have them competing for David & Darryl's #1 team in the Mountains.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 By darrell