Johnson Central is still moving like a well oiled machine, the 15th Region Tournament starts off with Johnson Central showing their dominance over the Prestonsburg Blackcats. The 1st quarter looked like the Golden Eagles last game, Cory VanHoose came out doing what he wanted when he wanted and ended the 1st quarter with 9pts. Heading into the 2nd quarter with a 26-4 advantage the Golden Eagles continued rolling offensively and wasn't giving Prestonsburg any breathing room on the defensive side of the court either. Gabe Ferrell was letting the Blackcats know in the 2nd quarter that he was running the show tonight and went into the half with 11pts. After going into the locker room at halftime with a 31pt deficit the Blackcat fans was hoping they would come alive in the 3rd quarter but that wasn't going to be the case. The 2nd half would look identical to the 1st half, at the end of the game the Blackcats found themselves down 31, the Golden Eagles would come out on top by a score of 80-49.

The games leading scorer was Johnson Central's Gabe Ferrell, he ended the game with 24pts,3reb,3stl. Ferrell has earned himself a lot of notoriety this post season, he is looking like an offensive juggernaut and defensively he is showing recruiters that he is the superior athlete on the floor at all times. Johnson Central's Corey VanHoose ended the game with 18pts and continued to look like the Golden Eagle's MVP so far this post season. Last but not least we get to the Golden Eagle's most underrated player, yes we are talking about John King. This kid often gets overshadowed because he plays on the most talented starting lineup in the Region but he would be the best player on half the Regions teams if he played on them. King has the ability to lead the Golden Eagles scoring assault on any given night, he like Gabe Ferrell is a athletically gifted and often looks like the best athlete on the floor. Tonight King exerted a lot of energy on defense but still scored in double digits, he would end the game with 10pts, 5reb,3stl. Prestonsburg's only player to reach double digit scoring was Graham Burchett, he had 14pts and Blake Slone was next up with 9pts on the night.

David & Darryl "Player of the Game" - Gabe Ferrell

Shelby Valley vs Phelps

This game had everyone's attention, Phelps was showing that they belonged and could play with any team in the Region, even the legendary Ervin Stepp was on hand cheering on his Hornets. The game went back and fourth throughout the 1st half, both teams was doing an amazing job locking down the other teams star but right before the half Shelby Valley went on a small run and jumped up 21-16 heading into the locker room. Shelby Valley's Orbie McPeak was the 1st half MVP, he pressed Trey Francis the entire half making work just to get the ball past half court. No player reach double digits in the 1st half but everyone knew it was just a matter of time before Shelby Valley's Cody Potter and Phelps Trey Francis started heating up. The 3rd quarter seen Shelby Valley carry on the momentum they gained right before the half but the Wildcats faithful held their breath when their rising star Keian Worrix got caught at the bottom of a pile and walked to the bench hobbling, you could tell he was in a lot of pain. After Kian Worrix went down, we got to see his older brother Cameron Worrix catch fire and they wasn't any player that could slow him down. Shelby Valley kept stretching the lead out but Phelps showed a lot of heart and determination by keeping it in striking distance until the final few minutes. After all was said and done the Hornets was just outmatched on this night, Shelby Valley had too much depth for the young Hornets squad. The Wildcats won the game 59-34 and will face Johnson Central in the 2nd round of the 15th Region Tournament.

Cameron Worrix's quickness is a problem for every team he faces, the Worrix's brothers are the quickest backcourt in the Region and Cameron showed that tonight. Cameron Worrix would put his team on his shoulders in the 2nd half and not let off the gas, he ended up the games leading scorer with 24 points but his 4 steals was what was most impressive. Phelps Coach Jason Sanson kept Cody Potter locked down for the majority of the night, he rotated defenders on him and gave him a bunch of different looks throughout the game. Potter had a bad night by his standards, he had 10pts,11reb,3blk, its laughable that a Double-Double is considered a bad night but that is the expectations Potter has created with his outstanding play this season. Orbie McPeak not only done a superb defensive job on Trey Francis but he also contributed 10 points and 7 boards for the Wildcats. Trey Francis would lead the Hornets in the scoring column with 15pts, he also added 5reb and 3stl for the Hornets. The grandson of the great Ancie Casey, Jason "Jay" Casey also had a solid night for the Hornets. Casey's stock has continued to rise all season, he is a relentless defender and has nice court vision. Casey is a defensive pest and knows how to get in his opponents head, he only produced 8pts tonight but is one of them players your going to hear a lot about in the future. The good news is Shelby Valley got to watch the first game and get a good look at their next opponent, the bad news is, that opponent is Johnson Central, they will square off on Friday at the Expo Center.

David & Darryl "Player of the Game" - Cameron Worrix

Monday, February 25, 2019 By darrell