In 1997 Eastern Kentucky University signed an All-American linebacker from Louisville Valley High School named Ron Allen, he was the #7 ranked player in the state of KY. When EKU signed Ron Allen they had no idea that, 22 years later it would help them land another elite linebacker from the state of KY. Ron Allen brought his family to the Mountains and settled them in Paintsville KY, his family included two highly talented defensive superstars named Tyrese and Jaylyn Allen, Tyrese was a defensive lineman that was on a plethora of D-1 coaches radar's but decided at the end of his junior year, that he was taking his talents to Morgantown WV. to play for WVU.

The youngest brother Jaylyn Allen is an athletic outside linebacker that had the attention of a colleges such as the Notre Dame, Mississippi State, Louisville, Kentucky and the EKU's of the college football world. With all the potential options that Jaylyn was getting, he wanted to go ahead and get his decision out of the way, so he could concentrate on bringing a state title to Paintsville in his senior season. Jaylyn decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and "Fire the Cannon", he decided to play his collegiate career at EKU. Jaylyn really wanted to stay in-state but he also wanted to go where he was the teams #1 option and a team that seen him as a huge piece of what they would be doing going forward. EKU has been recruiting Jaylyn for a long time and he loved their loyalty, then you had it being the Alma-Mater of his father, it just made it a natural fit. Jaylyn's father told D&D Sports that-

"I am extremely blessed to have Jaylyn follow my footsteps, He is a great football player but more than that he is an even greater person! I have said many time before, "Many people dream of meeting their hero, I have got to raise mine". EKU is home, it gave me a chance at having a life that I only dreamed about when I was an adolescent, I think Jaylyn is in good hands at EKU. I have been able to provide for my family because of the opportunity that EKU gave me back in 1997, so it made it a natural fit for Jaylyn. I think Jaylyn will find great success at EKU and could not be happier with his decision to make EKU home."

This is a big time recruit for the Colonels, Jaylyn is one of them athletes that can change the fortunes of a program. Jaylyn is excited about leading Paintsville next season, he went ahead and made his commitment for the sole reason of not wanting any distraction in his quest of leading the Tigers to a state title. Another thing to keep an eye on Colonel fans, is if Jaylyn can help the Colonels land his friend Braxton Ratliff (Ashland QB), Braxton is also from Paintsville, so Jaylyn's decision may help in that aspect as well.

Thursday, March 28, 2019 By darrell