We here at David & Darryl Sports take pride in the wide array of sports we cover, Track & Field and Cross Country are two sports we have a deep bench in here in the Mountains. Pikeville and Johnson Central lead the way but we have great runners at just about every school, we have enlisted the help of some Cross Country experts from around the Region and compiled a list of the David & Darryl's Top 15 long distance runners from the 15th Region, here is the boys list.
Pikeville Independent is projected to finish as a team this weekend in Lexington at State in the Top 10: An outside shot of winning the State Championship, this Panthers team has rubbed off on each other and proved winning is contagious.
1. RYLAN KEATHLEY- 2018 (Class 7A Region Champion) Rated Top 5 in the state in the 2023 graduating class. Pikeville, Rylan is running in the low to mid 17's in 3.1 miles, has the potential to be a 15 min runner by his senior year. He has shown great consistency this season is why we ranked him ahead of Harrison but in all reality their 1A and 1B.
2. HARRISON BOOHER- (3rd Place Area 9/ 2018 All-Area 9 Team/4th Place Finish Class 7A 2018 Region Meet) Pikeville Class: 2020 *The 7th Ranked runner in the State in the 2020 Class in Class 1A
3. JASON LIN- Pikeville Class: 2021
4. DREW HURLEY- Pikeville Class: 2022
5. BRYSON HACKNEY- Johnson Central Class: 2021 (One of 15th Regions Top Rebounders)
6. ERIC GREEN- Pikeville Class: 2020
7. JACOB RICE- Johnson Central (Basketball Standout for Johnson Central) Class: 2019
8. ISAIAH MAY- Johnson Central Class: 2021 (Top 5 Basketball Prospect in 15th Region)
9. ADAM SWOFFORD- Pikeville
10. ANTHONY COLIN HOWELL- Betsy Layne Class: 2020
11. SETH HALL- Piarist Class: 2022
12. ANAKIN SLONE- Johnson Central Class: 2023
13. GABRIEL JOHNSON- Johnson Central Class: 2021
14. FRANK TACKETT- Betsy Layne Class: 2019
15. ZACK BENTLEY-  Betsy Layne
Monday, October 29, 2018 By darrell