Heading into this weeks highly anticipated 3rd round matchup of Belfry vs Boyle County we are going to tell you a player that may be an unlikely difference maker. Everyone knows about Belfry's high powered offense with Isaac Dixon, Ben Bentley and "Bad News" Brett Coleman in the backfield, one of the most proficient quarterbacks in the state running the show in Avery Browning and what many think is the best offensive line in 3A. On defense people know Belfry has some heavy hitters with Justin Barker, Austin Fields, "Bad News" Brett Coleman, Avery Browning, The "Pond Creek Punisher" Seth Mounts, Isiah Birchfield and Ben Bentley but the player I am talking about is one of the most athletic players on the team, a DE/LB Hybrid Grayson Cook.

Grayson Cook is a possible All-State candidate as a defensive end and as a kicker, Cook is very long with freakish athleticism at the DE position. He has the quickness to shut down anything coming out of the backfield to his side of the field, but makes it impossible to throw short slant patterns with his length and outstanding vertical he uses to bat the passes down. Cook allows the Pirate defense to do a lot of things because he is the type of athlete that can cover the other teams top receivers or cause havoc in the backfield when he is pass rushing or coming up to stop the run.

The reason for this article isn't his playmaking ability on defense, we are talking about the difference he can possibly make with his leg. Boyle County's kicker has hit from 50 yards out this season in a game, Grayson is extremely accurate from 40 yards in, he has kicked 50 yarders in practice and is very confident he can produce the same outcome in a game if needed. Grayson is hitting over 90% of his PAT attempts, at the halfway point in the season he was the #1 PAT kicker in the state. Kicking off around 40% of the time he kicks it in the end zone, the rest of the time it's inside the 5 and if Haywood ask him too he can place it just about anywhere he needs it to be. What many don't understand is Cook is also one of the best punters in KY, he is averaging over 42 yards a punt with a season high of 57. The thing that Cook is real good at is his pin point accuracy at spot punting, he can pin teams just about anywhere he chooses. So that is just a little prediction of something that can end up playing a huge part in tomorrows matchup if the game is close.

Thursday, November 15, 2018 By darrell