Belfry players from the 2018 football season were honored in Myrtle Beach SC over the holiday break. They were named to the Diamond Sports Group All American Bowl Week Teams and were able to practice and play with players from all 50 states. Here is a breakdown of the players and their accomplishments, both athletically and academically.
3rd grader Jaxson Baldwin and his White Squad came up short with the Red team scoring a game winning touchdown as time expired. The game was tied 0-0 going into the fourth quarter and 12-6 was the final. The second day of games was a rematch of the first day and the championship game. The White Squad dominated the game and held on to win 13-0. Jaxson Baldwin and his team celebrated the win, and his coaching staff, coached by Will Carney of Louisville Ky, and The Baldwin’s celebrated with Jaxson being named to the Diamond Sports Group Academic All American Team and by the end of the evening Jaxson Baldwin had been named the 2018 Diamond Sports Group 3rd Grade Scholar of the Year.
7th grader Jonah Adkins and his squad fall to a 14-0 loss on day one. Jonah and his Red Squad held the other team to 0 points the second half defensively, but could not get it together offensively. Jonah walked away with 5 tackles on defense. The second day of games had Jonah Adkins and his red squad in the 7th grade consolation game against the blue squad. Jonah was a starter for both the offense and defense of his red squad. Jonah finished with 7 tackles for his team and was able to recover an on side kick. He was outstanding on offense with several big pancake blocks. Jonah was also named a 4.0 Diamond Academic All-American! Congratulations to Jonah Adkins 7th Grade Pirate.
Diamond Alumni Nicholas Baldwin and his team coached by (2018 12u AYF national Champion) Coach Derek Gurley we’re pitted against the 5th grade red squad. The white squad could not come through when in the red zone and lost the bout 8-0. Nicholas walked away with 5 solo tackles including a sack and tackles totaling loss of 20 yards. Nicholas carried the ball 8 times for 28 yards and was the teams kicker. Their next game on Sunday was the consolation game for the 5th grade. Nicholas Baldwin was able to fill the role of Fullback for his team after several key players did not attend the holiday event. Nicholas rushed for over 100 yards on 8 carries in this consolation game and the made the only first half touchdown of the game. He racked in 6 solo tackles before leaving the game late in the fourth quarter with an injured arm. The white squad held on for a 13-6 victory over the silver squad and Nick was honored with the Overall MVP, making him a 3 time MVP for Diamond Sports. During the week Nicholas was also named a 4.0 Diamond Academic All-American! Congratulations Nicholas Baldwin 5th Grade Pirate.
Belfry’s 6th Grade All-Americans Brayden Marcum and Max Dotson faced off on opposite teams. They started as offensive linemen for their respective teams and had many big blocks for their backfield. It was a close game and a back and forth battle with Max’s red squad coming out on top with a final score of 13-0.
Finishing up the 6th grade Belfry All American Players was Bo Wolford. Bo is another standout 6th graders here in Myrtle Beach this week. He had two solo tackles and was named a team captain. The Blue squad came up short in the night cap game with a score of 28-12.
Bo and Brayden Marcum’s teams faced off in Game 2 of the consolation day. 6th grade blue squad and their Belfry All-American Lineman Bo Wolford were pitted against the white squad and their Belfry All-American Lineman Brayden Marcum. Brayden earned starting positions on both offense and defense and came away with two solo tackles and numerous assisted tackles. He stood out on the offensive line with several big blocks for his team as well. Bo was named captain of his team and also earned starting positions on both sides of the ball. Bo walked away with two solo tackles and two assisted tackles and had a productive day on the offensive line for his team. The White team won the contest 25-14. Both Brayden and Bo warned the honor of being named to the 4.0 Diamond Academic All-American team! Congrats to Brayden Marcum and Bo Wolford 6th Grade Pirates.
6th Grade All-American Max Dotson played well for his 6th grade Red Squad in the first game and the championship game on day 3 was no different. Max earned starting sports on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. The Silver squad was just too much for the Red Squad to contain and they pulled out a 6-0 win over Max’s team. Max played well all week and was named to the Diamond Sports Group Academic All American team with his 4.0 GPA. Congrats to Max Dotson a 6th grade Pirate.
8th grade lineman Brayden Spears came in as a tight end for his coach (sports trainer TR Dues from Charleston WV) and his blue squad. Brayden is no stranger to big games, he has competed for Future Stars in the past and this game enabled him to show his talents as a skilled guy. Brayden had a smooth end zone reception for a touchdown as a tight end and was also a starter on defense as a defensive end where he raked in several solo tackles and a sack. Brayden Spears and his Blue Squad faced the White Squad in the championship round on day 3. The white squad pulled away by a 22-0 lead early in the game and the Blue Squad never recovered. Brayden walked away with 7 tackles and several pancake blocks on the offensive side of the ball. He was also named to the Diamond Sports Group Academic All American team with his 4.0 GPA. Congratulations Brayden Spears 8th grade Pirate.
Last but not least is a bit of devastating news. Belfry 8th grade standout Rudy Blackwell was injured during practice and was unable to compete this weekend. This news comes last minute and was a hard decision for Rudy and his family to make. Rudy has a bright future ahead and it was recommended by all involved that he sit this weekend out so his injury can completely heal. Rudy is loved and missed by his teammates, his friends, his coaches, and especially his Pirate football Family. We love you Rudy and wish you a speedy recovery.
In all Belfry had many players nominated by scouts who have watched local and film and been in contact with coaches and trainers on the area. There were 8 players in attendance and 7 of those players were named to the Academic All American Team with perfect 4.0 GPAs.
Congrats to all of those players from Belfry and from around the country who made the holiday trip to Myrtle Beach SC.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 By darrell